hey there!

my name is maegen rzasa, and I am a yoga facilitator and graphic designer.

a little bit about me

I live in Los Angeles and reign from the East Coast. I love distilling complexity down to its essence, making order out of chaos and turning the seemingly unattainable into the universally accessible. I believe that there’s beauty in simplicity but sometimes we just need to be patient enough to uncover it.

what drives me…

Physical Movement. Balance in opposites. Self-Awareness/Exploration. Creative Problem Solving.

how it shows up…

…in my yoga
  • a unique, authentic approach
  • a fluid, meditative quality
  • concentration on each client’s individual needs
  • focus on self-awareness and exploration
  • an interest in finding and exploring opposites
  • physical and emotional safety
…in my design
  • attention to detail
  • an authentic desire to capture my clients’ voice
  • schedules and timelines
  • open communication
  • a minimalist approach
  • a love of layout
  • simplicity