hey there!

i’m a yoga facilitator.

privates + community work.

I use breath, mindfulness, movement and discussion to create an environment in which students can safely explore their own unique, personal dynamics. I enjoy working privately and offer virtual and in-home sessions as well as community workshops.  

word on the street.

“Maegen is always positive and knows when and how to give the right amount encouragement when it’s needed.  One of her best techniques is moving throughout the studio which makes me feel like she is more like a peer guiding us rather than being separated by the raised platform in the front of the room. Her instructional style is relaxed and she is always willing to take the time to insure we’re being safe. Overall, Maegen is a wonderful, thoughtful and skilled teacher that brings the best of her mental, physical and spiritual presence to all of us.”

-Robert S.

“Maegen helped me overcome extreme pain that specialist doctors and physical therapists had not been able to eliminate from my life. She helped me to return to my yoga practice, as well as my life, stronger and healthier than before. She is an excellent teacher who thoughtfully tailors classes towards the students’ needs.”

– Stephanie J.

“Maegen opened my mind to a completely different way of taking care of my body. I used to think that I had to push until it hurt, and anything less was lazy.  Maegen knew my body and my mind, and helped me truly be in the moment, have compassion for myself if I wasn’t as strong a particular day, and always encouraged me to grow. She is able to constantly guide me towards appreciating the journey and trusting myself. When I come to the mat with Maegen, it feels like I am the only person there and her voice sounds like it is meant just for me. I’m grateful that Maegen has completely enlightened my practice, and has made me stronger and happier with her grace.”

– Jeni I.

“I retired a few years ago and looked forward to sleeping in and catching up on much-needed rest.  But I’ve been setting my alarm for 6:30 each morning so that I can get to Maegen’s 7:00 A.M. class four days a week!  She is gentle, motivating, attentive to individual needs, enthusiastically encouraging, and an inspirational model of form and spirituality.  I always feel great when I leave her class!”

– Priscilla M.

“My funny fabulous friend! Maegen has transformed our small early crowd into a community. After delivering a gently challenging and thoughtful class, she always has time to catch up and share the days wisdom together. Maegen lives her practice in a way that is refreshing and inspiring to be around.”

– Chrissie E.

“I crave Maegen’s classes. They are like a mini retreat with incredible music. I leave feeling so much stronger but also recharged and centered. Her descriptions and approaches are so fantastic and I have learned so much from her – the strength I have, how to connect to it, the places where I can push even further. From my first class with her, starting in savasana, she has turned the poses that I’d been doing for 15+ years upside down. Maegen creates this awesome balance of training/explaining and elevating you all at the same time.”

– Melissa M.

“Maegen is a warm, compassionate teacher. She has a great sense of pacing, and is a wordsmith– using just the right amount of dialogue to help you relax, do poses safely and feel energized and inspired. I really appreciate her ability to improvise and make yoga feel refreshing and new each class, even as you realize how far you have come with her guiding you!”

– Vanya G.

“Maegen is a great yoga teacher- she is very patient as she helps guide me through my yoga practice, she is always encouraging and when I need it she kicks my butt.”

– Penny S.